April Cleo, Aether, Cactuar

FFXIV Macro Choreographer


My name is April, and I love to dance! I write choreography to
out-of-game music using the emotes in FFXIV, and I stream my performances on Twitch! I've been writing my dances for over two years now, and I have been performing shows at venues across the Aether Data Center over a year.
My goal in this life is to spread as much joy and inspiration as I can humanly manage through the art of macro choreography. All I want to do is dance with the world.

Every Thursday, 11pm EST

King's Bounty Cabaret - Cactuar, Mist, Ward 11, Plot 35
11pm EST

My Available Setlist

Newer Ones Near The Top May Not Be Available on Youtube.

Book Me!

My shows last about an hour, and are run through Twitch. I have a wide range of dances, and can perform in any venue with a stage, whether it's SFW or NSFW.When it comes to pricing, I give everyone the same price. "Please try to help me spread dancing to people, and tip whatever you'd like."I have done shows for no gil, I have done shows where I am tipped 300k, and I have done shows where I have been tipped several mil. My joy is in sharing my dances with others, and offering me a platform to do that is worth the most to me for my time!Please contact me on Discord to arrange something or ask for more details! ♥

Everything I am, and everything I will ever be, I owe to everyone who has ever loved me. Thank you.

Past Shows ♥